About Us

Welcome to Compulsion.

Compulsion is a clothing brand based in the UK founded 'round a grubby dining room table in Wales. We create high quality clothing and accessories but more importantly a large support network for those affected by mental health. We are four friends, all of whom battling our own demons on a daily basis, providing a platform for those who need it.

We truly understand the devastation caused by various mental health illnesses therefore our ethos is to promote the importance of "speaking out". We want to normalise mental health conditions and defy the social stigma surrounding it. There is NO shame, only solutions. It's a malevolent illness that manifests itself in a multitude of ways, we want to make this a place to share, confide and become completely candid with our issues. A sanctuary with zero judgment.

For every purchase made on our website, we will donate to our friends at the No Panic charity. Alternatively, you can donate as much or as little as you'd wish through their website. Scroll down for more information.

Happy browsing and remember;

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About Us